About us

We create beautifully smelling wooden wick candles that make a statement in the home while evoking feelings of happiness, nostalgia, relaxation, and confidence. Our goal is to create ambiance with high quality fragrances, elegant copper vessels, and a unique crackling wooden wick that burns clean for you and the environment. 

The ingredients

We craft our candles using an all natural coconut wax blend and high quality fragrance oils. The wooden wicks are eco-friendly and ethically sourced from US-based Forest Stewardship Council Certified Mills. All of our ingredients are phthalate free, paraben free, and cruelty free.

A note from the creator

My name is Val, and I'm a fragrance addict. I've had a healthy obsession with fragrance since I can remember. I believe that fragrance is an extension of who you are, whether it's your perfume, cologne, your candles, laundry detergent, car air freshener, etc.  Friends tell me that they can smell me before they see me, and when I leave, my scent lingers.  They even used to tell me that my dog smelled good! (RIP Penny 12.21.19)

Naturally, my love for fragrance has led me to discover beautiful candles over the years. Eventually, I decided to try my own hand at it, so I grabbed some friends and some wine and we took a candle class here in Los Angeles on a Saturday afternoon. I purchased supplies and started cranking out candles in my kitchen every chance I could get. 

You might be wondering where the name "21 twelve" comes from. Well, the aforementioned fragrant canine was my road dog for 13 blissful years. On December 21st 2019, Penny went over the rainbow bridge to doggie heaven. My heart was crushed, but luckily I had a new hobby that I was passionate and excited about to focus my energy on while I grieved. I decided to turn that hobby into a business and wanted to name it after Penny, but was having trouble coining a name that paid respect to her while also representing the brand that I wanted to create.

I have not mentioned yet that I'm a nurse in my other life. While working at the hospital one day, I noticed that my patient's birthday was December 21. Aw, Penny. Well, the next day, a different patient had the same birthday. I repeated the date over and over in my head, flipped the numbers around for aesthetics, and decided this was it. 21 twelve was born. 

I'm so excited to be launching this brand and I hope you love the candles!


Thank you for reading, and for supporting our small business!