Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Never go to sleep with a candle burning.
Keep candles away away from children, pets, drafts, and anything that can catch on fire.
Burn for no more than 4 hours at a time.
If the flame gets too high, flickers excessively, or smokes, extinguish the flame and trim the wick before relighting.
Never move a candle that's burning.


TRIM YOUR WICK. When you receive your candle, it's been pre-trimmed and is ready to be lit. Next time, it's up to you to trim.
The first time you light your candle, please allow the entire top layer to liquify (us in the biz call this "achieving a full melt pool.") This will help your candle burn evenly and have a nice long life.
We recommend extinguishing the flame with a candle snuffer. If you don't have a snuffer, get one! Or just blow the flame out gently to avoid splashing wax. 


It's so easy to clean and repurpose your candle vessel when it's empty. You can use it to hold pens, pencils, makeup brushes, chopsticks, your jade roller and gua sha, matchbooks from your travels, Q-tips, etc. If you clean it really good you can even put a cocktail in there! Whatever you do, be sure to snap a pic and tag us!
E-mail us for step-by-step instructions if you need help!